TheSocialFlame wants to help you on your account optimization. A good description of your profile is essential when other brands or influencers are checking your profile to see if they would like to work with you or not. That is why we've thought of a few tips you could apply when writing your description:

  1.  Start by saying who you are:
    "I'm John, a college student and content creator from New York. I've started my own Youtube channel a couple of years ago called "John from NY" and I now have over 10K subscribers, and 8K followers on Instagram."
  2. Describe your type of content:
    "On Youtube, I create videos about my everyday life (vlogs) and I do lots of challenges and trying new experiences. I would categorize my content as creative entertainment. On this Instagram account, I usually upload photos and videos promoting my channel, and I also post a few pictures at the gym or working out outdoors, or hanging out with my friends."
  3. Talk about your interests:
    "I like working out, hanging out with my friends, weekend getaways and doing volunteering and things for the environment. I'm interested in working with brands that are sustainable and cruelty free, and I'm open to any type of companies, but I like doing my research first because I only promote brands I really like to my followers". 
  4. If you have worked with brands in the past, describe what you've done:
    "On my Instagram account, I've done brand collaborations with sportswear companies like GYMSHARK or Asis, and I've worked with a couple of brands for college contents, such as Amazon Prime and Target."
  5. Be careful with your spelling!
    Be sure to check (and double-check) your spelling. This will make your profile look more professional and trustworthy. Avoid using many colloquialisms. 

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