TheSocialFlame is an all-in-one platform for the complete influencer marketing management for brands, instagrammers and agencies.

As an influencer you will get lots of features and benefits, such as analyzing your statistics or getting full insights into managing and comparing accounts. Another great feature we offer is FlameConnect, which is our internal messaging system that will allow you to connect with brands for collaborations. 

Tips to connect with brands:

1. Fill in all of your profile information, such as gender, location or categories. This way, you'll have more probabilities of being found by those brands whose products and values align to your content.

2. Leave a detailed description of who you are and what you do on social media in the language of your choice (Spanish or English), so brands will get a full insight on the type of content and personal branding values you share on Instagram. Check out our Tips to create a good account description.

3. Be precise and specific on the categories you use to define your account. Adding 3 or less categories to your account will make it look professional and trustworthy; whilst adding more than 3 could also make you appear in other brands' radars who will not find your profile adequate to their products or whose values don't align to yours. 

4. Use tags. Tags are keywords that define your contents, such as "fashion", "sports", "fitness" or "makeup". You can also use more specific keywords, based on the hashtags you use on a daily basis, such as "cars", "fitgirls", "makeuptutorial" or "ukrestaurants". You should also use between 3-6 tags, using general and specific keywords.

5. Be active on Instagram. The more you upload contents and the more engagement you get from your followers, the higher your TSF score will be, and brands will find your account more interesting for their campaigns. 

6. If your TSF plan is SILVER or GOLD, you can also make use of FlameConnect to contact brands yourself. You can search for specific brands or find them in our Directory, and check their contact information is available. Your collaboration proposals should be detailed, adding information such as your type of account, followers or location, and what type of collaboration you're looking for. 

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