Learn all you need to know about how to analyze an Instagram account's statistics on TheSocialFlame. Find out what each profile is doing, what are they doing right, what's the type of content they're making, and more!

1. Find an account to analyze

Find any influencer you want by using our search tool on our website, or access our Directory to use specific filters, such as location, gender, category, keywords, followers, curated and more! 

You can also search for top influencer accounts in our Curated Lists, in which you will find them organized by categories and even countries, to make it easier for you to check out who's on top of the game.

2. Get all of their data and insights 

Go to any account (even yours!) and get every insight on any Instagram account! Check if they are TSF verified and if they have contact information available to connect with them.

You will find lots of information, such as:

- Amount of followers

- Amount of accounts they follow

- Number of posts on their accounts

- Location

- Cost per promotional post

- TSF Score (calculated by our team based on their current statistics

3. Check out all of their statistics

Learn everything about their statistics! You will find information on:

- Their engagement ratio (%)

- Average likes per post

- Average comments per post

- Likes spread

- Comments / likes ratio

- Estimated cost per post

4. Get all of the information on their latest activity

Check out their latest posts and get a detailed description on their account's activity, such as their posts frequency, accounts and hashtags they have mentioned and included on their recent posts, categories that define their content (such as beauty, fitness or photography), and more!

5. Analyze their weekly evolution

Find graphics on their weekly account evolution to see how many followers they have gained and how many profiles they have started following each week.

6. Add them to your lists or favorites

Keep track of these accounts by saving them to your Favorites or adding them to your own personalized lists; compare them with other Instagram profiles, or share them with your friends and colleagues. 

7. Connect with them via FlameConnect

Get in touch with them using FlameConnect, our integrated messaging system that allows you to connect with different accounts or influencers directly from our platform, without all of the hazards of researching endlessly for their contact information.

You can do all of this and much more! Become a social media expert and get to know all about accounts' statistics and evolution, and learn all about your own accounts to see how you can keep improving your content and strategy.

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