On TheSocialFlame we care a lot about #hashtags, that's why we have created a specialized tool for tracking and analyzing each hashtag's statistics for you to know all about new trends and better your hashtag strategy. 

1. Explore and discover hashtags

Find the most popular #hashtags on our top hashtags list to see what's trending, or search for a specific hashtag on our search bar tool.

2. Analyze hashtags

Find the hashtag you like and discover all of its statistics, such as volume and ranking. We recommend using hashtags with less than 300K posts, and the more segmented and local, the better! For example, if your focus is in the UK, you might want to use hashtags such as #fitnessuk or #ukfitgirls, instead of #fitness, which has over 300 million posts. 

3. Make the most out of our related hashtags

Our Artificial Intelligence system will show you those hashtags that have been used the most with the selected hashtag. Just click on "Copy Hashtags" to use them on your posts. 

If you want to know more about them, just click on each one of them to analyze them and be able to make an optimized selection based on their volume, as we have mentioned before. Save all of your favorite hashtags and its data to keep track of them.

4. Discover other accounts that are using this hashtag

Thanks to our lists, you will be able to find the top accounts that are using this hashtag, as well as those accounts that use it the most in their posts. Click on See more to access our Directory and automatically filter users by keywords.

5. Connect with similar accounts

Once in our Directory, you can find similar accounts to yours using this hashtag / keyword, and other filters such as followers if needed, to filter accounts and discover how they work and how to connect with them for collaborations, stories or posts exchange to increase traffic on their and your account. 

6. Hashtag monitor (premium feature)

One of our most advanced functionalities that brands love is hashtag monitor, which keeps track of the brand's or specific campaign's hashtags. 

Once the hashtag is selected, our technology will keep track of its daily evolution, posts and engagement, showing all of the accounts that are using it in their posts every day.

As an example, you can check out Loewe's new Fall Winter 2019 campaign here: #loewefw19

You can do all of this and much more! Get all the insights, improve your hashtag strategy and become a social media expert with our #HashtagTool.

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