TheSocialFlame is an influencer marketing management platform that you helps you discover, analyze, compare and connect with social media celebrities through an all-in- one, intuitive, scalable & data driven solution. 

One of the questions we usually get is "where does all of our data come from". All of the information you see on TheSocialFlame comes directly from Instagram's public information, which we organize and use to make our own calculations, such as engagement ratio, average amount of likes, likes spread or cost per post.

When you click on an influencer's profile on TSF, you will see a series of statistics that help you understand their activity on Instagram, and you will also find information boxes that explain what does each section mean and how it's calculated. 

On TheSocialFlame we are all about transparency. Find out more about TSF on our website, our Help section or just click on one of the following articles: What is the social flame? or TSF Metrics

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