Making a brand for yourself or your specific content is something that we've learnt to be a great way of making an income through social media the past years. Nonetheless, it can be an overwhelming process to manage all the brand deals and statistics that are involved in all of this. 

TheSocialFlame is a great way of managing your personal brand without having to compromise too much time and effort, and use most of your time on your actual content. You'll be able to:

  • Analyze and monitor your profiles’ evolution.
  • Discover and compare brands that align to your content.
  • Analyze and monitor your competitors.
  • Organize your hashtags and favorite accounts using our segmented lists.
  • Download all of your information from your personalized lists.
  • Better your hashtag strategy thanks to our analyzing tool. 
  • Connect directly with brands and other influencers for collaborations through our integrated messaging system, FlameConnect

Need more information? Head to "What is TheSocialFlame?" or check out these articles: "Connect with brands through TSF" or "Tips to create a good account description".

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