The metrics you will find in are the following:

  • Average likes: The average amount of likes each account has on their Instagram posts.
  • Average comments: The average amount of comments each account has on their Instagram posts.
  • Engagement ratio: This is a calculation that takes into consideration the account's followers interactions (likes & comments) vs. the amount of followers they have.
  • Top mentions: The accounts they tag the most on their posts, therefore those with whom they probably have more relation or have worked with on brand collaborations. 
  • Top hashtags: The keywords they use the most in their posts descriptions.
  • Followers: The evolution of their account's popularity based on the amount of followers they have each week. 
  • Gained followers: The amount of followers gained every week. 
  • Followed: The evolution of the number of accounts that they are following.
  • TSF Score: It is TheSocialFlame's own scoring system that is calculated based on indicators such as Engagement, Post Frequency, and General Growth, amongst others. 

You will also find additional data such as information on the influencer (who are they, what do they do, what type of content they make, etc.), the amount of posts they upload on a weekly basis, segmentation group they belong to, and more!

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