We are an all-in-one platform for the complete management of influencer marketing for brands, instagrammers and agencies.  

Our data and AI based platform offers you statistics and intuitive tools to monitor and analyze more than 4 million profiles, and execute your campaigns in an easy and scalable way. 

Thanks to data such as growth history, engagement ratio and other 30 historical data points, we are able to provide you with actionable statistical data, and a punctuation and economic review of each one of the 4 million profiles, helping you on the decision making for the execution and optimization of any of your social media campaigns. 

Thanks to FlameConnect, we directly connect brands and influencers through our integrated messaging system, which allows you to manage all your collaborations and proposals in a simple and neat way.

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Check out "TSF for companies, brands or agencies" or "TSF for influencers or managers".

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